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Three Emotion Charts to help with Emotional Coaching

Emotion Charts

Children who have experienced abuse or trauma may have difficulty identifying and expressing their emotions. They have not been able to express themselves safely in the past, therefore, they are likely to repress their emotions. Children can often experience very intense feelings or present as feeling nothing at all. To promote healing and development of a child’s social-emotional health, children need coaching in regards to identifying what they are feeling and also how to express themselves in an appropriate manner. Here are a few emotion charts that may help.’s Interactive Emotions Color Wheel has a great interactive chart about emotions.  By clicking on an emotion, a definition and picture appear below showing the emotion, as well as a quote from someone feeling that emotion.  The emotions get more intense the closer they are to center of the circle.'s interactive emotions color wheel

Baton Rouge Counselings Managing Emotions Chart

This chart can help you teach your child about some of the nuances of common emotions.  For example, on a rainy day you could teach your child about feeling “mopey,” instead of sad.

Emotion Chart

An Emotion Color Wheel from Pantonevision

This is a more basic color wheel that could be used to help a child to better label their emotions.  Simple descriptions are found in the center of the chart and get more complex as the radiate out.

 Emotion Chart from Pantonevision

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